New Year’s Day 元旦

NYE 1As it is New Years Eve, we thought we'd give you a little explanation of some Chinese Vocab, as well as some of the customs associated with it here in China! In order to help with a little vocab we thought we'd also write it in Chinese so you can practice a little on the way!



“元”是开始,最初的意思. --- 元 - yuán, here means begin/start/initate/ not the Chinese Yuan, as in RMB or currency.

“旦”表示太阳刚出地平线的时候,即一天的开始. 旦 --- dàn means the sun rising from skyline which is the beginning of a day.

“元旦”就是一年的开始、一年的第一天,代表着一个新的开始 --- 元旦 - yuán dàn, is the beginning of a year, or the first day of a year, representing a new start.

需要注意的是在民国建立改采公历前,“元旦”指的是农历新年(春节),旦其实元旦比起春节来说气氛没有那么浓!--- Note that before the establishment of the republic of China and using the Gregorian calendar, Yuandan represented the 1st day of the Chinese lunar month (Spring Festival) but the importance of Yuandan is not strong as Spring Festival.


NYE 2做什么?--- What do Chinese people do on Yuandan?


During Yuandan the Chinese send wishes, cards, gifts etc. wishing everyone a good year and good luck.


元旦吃什么?--- What do chinese people eat on Yuandan?


From the Song dynasty, the main and most popular dishes were made of wheat powder. Some of these dishes are still being eaten today such as dumplings and rice cakes. Dumplings and dumpling soup are also some other favorites. Depending on your tastes you can decide what sorts of filling you want. 


元旦的节日习俗是什么?--- What’s the custom of Yuandan?


On 1st day of the New Year you can't be angry and don’t lose your temper at others! Don’t be unhappy, don’t be sad and don’t cry either.  Because you should be in a good state when facing a new beginning, so you shoud have a happy day!


元旦的寓意是什么?--- What’s the implied meaning of Yuandan?


The Chinese celebrate yuandan together, reminisce on last year and look forward to the new year, preparing themselves to make a big effort as we say goodbye to the past and hello to the future


关于中国人常说的祝福语,给大家总结了一下 --- Below are some good phases for giving wishes:

万事如意 wànshìrúyì --- Good luck in everything you do.

一帆风顺 yìfānfēngshùn --- Bon vovage!

身体健康  shēntǐjiànkāng --- Wish you good health.

永远快乐 yǒngyuǎnkuàilè --- Happiness forever

幸福平安 xìngfúpíngān --- Wishing you peace and happiness



Happy new year to everyone!!



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