Learn About Chinese Radicals: Mu 木

images 1In the original character of the top is supposed to look like leaves and branches while the bottom looks like the roots. It is used as a radical usually put on the left right or bottom of the character to indicate things associated with the tree.





1.     Rest 休:Depicting someone leaning against a tree to rest -  ie. 休息

2.     End 末 : An 一 added to the top of the character indicates the top of the tree thus the meaning is 是 derived as “ last (最后)” - ie 周末
3.     Root 本: An 一 added to the bottom of the character indicates the root of the tree - ie 本子
4.     Tie 束: A circle added to the middle of the character indicated a bunch - 束 (a measure word for flower)
5.     Pick 采: depicts picking fruits by hand - 菜


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