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For Parents

For some parents, sending you child off to China can be a daunting experience. Not only because they will be travelling by themselves, possibly for the first time alone in a foreign country, but also the sheer logistics of getting it all organized. That's where China Study Abroad comes in. We'll work with you, and your child, to get everything arranged and set up for their trip to China.

Our son travelled to China for the first time at age 17 and went through CSA. All aspects of the program were excellent and the communication was also better than expected. His arrival was smooth and his transition into daily life in Bejing were all due to the assistance and advise from CSA. It was like a concierge service for students. They were there when he needed them, but he also had freedom to explore on his own.

We'll walk you through the various options, such as cities, universities and accommodation types, and give you advice based on the experience you are both looking for. We will asses what you and your child are hoping to achieve from their time in China and recommend a program that should fit your expectations; be it a smaller city immersion program in Dalian, or helping them network in a world city like Shanghai.

Once they have made it out to China, we are available 24/7 for both you and your child. We are on the ground for the students, and available over the at all times for the parents. If you need to get a hold of them urgently and their phone is out of credit, call us and we will track them down. If you haven't heard from them in a week and are getting nervous, pop us an email. We will remind them to get in touch! We have staff living in the same apartment complexes as the students, great relationships with the homestay families (ie can call them any time of day or night) and are only a few minutes away from the university dorms if we need to drop by. Think of us as a one more layer of insurance!

For parents with more adventerous "kids" who are making all the arrangments themselves, it might be worth gifting them our Set-Up Assistance Package which offers a little helping hand for them along the way, and will give you peace of mind that someone is on the ground for them if needed. Contact us to inquire about it.

We also offer a further option of a CSA Minder Package for the younger students - in case you want a little more safety for your child. This involves a curfew as well as daily CSA office check-ins when they are not in class or with a tutor. This is done at no extra cost and discussed with parents and arranged on a case by case basis. Just get in touch and ask us about it.

All of our foreign staff has studied in China, so we know what to expect, and know how to help out. We're all friendly and here to help. It is what we do!


Ask CSA Call us any time day or night on our Toll Free Numbers!

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