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  • Health Examination

Overview of Visa Requirements for China

It is each student’s responsibility to ensure that they apply for and obtain a Visa to gain entry to China, prior to their departure. Students are advised to contact their closest Chinese Embassy or Consulate to inquire about their individual Visa application process.

There are generally two types of Visa’s students obtain when preparing to come to China - Student or Business. The choice is largely dependant on the length of your study time as well as the how far in advance you apply for your visa ahead of departure.

Dual citizens must apply for visas using the same passport that will be used to register students for their chosen university. Applicaitions for visas and university can not be made using two identifications. 

Students with Hong Kong residence cards and entering China from Hong Kong must use their Hong Kong residence cards. University applications must also be done using Hong Kong residence card. Please note that not all universities accept Hong Kong ID's for Chinese language programs. Ask us before making your application so we can advise on the best way to apply.

Visas can be converted from tourist visas to student visas after arrival in China. This may involve getting a medical exam in China. The total cost of converting your visa is approx 960RMB.

China Study Abroad will provide as much advise and assistance with obtaining your visa, however we are unable to guarantee visa issuance and we do not have any influence over the consulates choice of visa, length of time issued or number of entries.

For more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or read our Frequently Asked Questions.


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Student "X1" and "X2" Visas

Student Visas can be applied for in person or by mail when Consulates are not located in your home city. X Visas are visas issued for students studying at universities in China. There are two type of X Visas - X1 Visa for students enrolled in a course over 180 days, X2 Visa for students enrolled in a course for under 180 days. 

Depending on your nationality and personal situation, the visa process can vary in length, cost and application requirements, however the following will be required of all applicants:

  1. Completed Visa Application form (can be obtained from the Chinese embassy or consulate. The form may also be downloaded online from certain Chinese embassy websites, please check your home country’s site).
  2. A “JW202” form. These forms are issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education for any Chinese language program over 180 days. CSA will send you the required form once full program fees are paid, and enrollment into your chosen institution has been completed.
  3. An Enrollment/Invitation letter from your chosen institution. CSA will also provide this document once your application has been successful and full program fees are paid.
  4. Two recent passport photos.
  5. A valid passport will also be required with at least six months remaining from the end date of your program.
  6. Applicants wishing to apply for an X1 type visa will require physical examination records.
  7. Full visa application fee - consult your consulate.


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Tourist "L" Visa

Ideal for short term students, Tourist Visas are available for 30-90 day durations with single, double, or multiple entries. A Tourist Visa is recommended for students on short term programs or late applicants. Students who don’t have time or are unable to apply for an F or X visa, may apply for an L visa or Tourist visa. Once the student has arrived in China, CSA will help the student convert the visa to one that is more suitable to their requirements while in China.

Arriving in China on a Tourist Visa is a common practice for many students studying throughout China. It is the quickest, easiest, and most cost efficient option for short term students. An Individual traveler can apply for a tourist visa at any Chinese embassy or consulate. China has embassies and consulates in nearly every country in various cities. You can either get an application form in person at the embassy/consulate or download one by visiting the website of the Chinese embassy in your country.

After fully and accurately completing your application, submit it to the nearest Chinese consulate or embassy, either in person or by mail. A standard 30 day, single-entry visa can be issued from most Chinese embassies and consulates in three to five working days. For an additional fee, rush processing with same-day or next-day service is also available at most embassies/consulates.

* Tourist "L" Visas can be extended by one month once in China. This involves approx 20,000RMB to be held in your personal Chinese bank account for approx 5 working days.

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Health Examination

A health examination is necessary for all students wishing to stay in China for over six months; these will be the students who have, or wish to upgrade to an X visa.

Health Examination In Home Country

Health examination in your home country is permissible but must conform to the following standards:

  • The certificate of health submitted for check shall be issued by a public hospital of the country or region where the person resides and shall be stamped with the common seal of the examination-performing hospital and be signed by the practitioner, or shall be notarized by a notary organ of the country or region where the person resides if issued by a private hospital;
  • The certificate of health shall be an original copy with the photo of the examinee and attached with the original laboratory sheet and report sheet. The examination items include internal medical, surgical, five sense organs, electrocardiogram, chest x-ray and the laboratory examinations which shall consist of the serologically defined examinations for AIDS, venereal diseases, infectious hepatitis. If there is any nonconformity in the certificate of health, the quarantine inspection physician is entitled to demand the applicant to re-take the examination or take supplementary examination.

Health Examination In China

The health examination can take place once you have arrived in China. CSA will be on hand to help you with the procedure. The examination costs around 440 RMB and students should make sure that they have an empty stomach before attending the examination. The results are usually obtained within 3-5 days. Please be sure to tell a CSA staff member if you have not taken the health exam in your home country.

Health Certificate

The final part of the procedure is to obtain a health certificate. This will require you to bring your passport, 2 passport sized photos and health exam papers. These will be taken to the Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, if everything is in order they will issue you with a health certificate, the cost of this will be 40 RMB.

The cost of converting your visa once your health examination has been completed is approximately 480rmb. The total for changing your visa from tourist to student will amount to approximately 960 RMB.

CSA will be on hand to help you through this whole process and if you have any further question please do not hesitate to contact us! 

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