Student Testimonials

China Study Abroad Student Testimonials

Find out how our students got on during their study abroad programs in China. Learn more about studying Chinese in China and interesting and unique experiences you can have while immersing yourself in this ancient culture. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to find out how you can enrol in a Mandarin language course in China.

Please click on the photos below to see what students are saying about their experience studying in China with CSA!

mellissa 170x225 Melissa Saw
KL, Malaysia
brandon krantz 2 170x225 Brandon Krantz
Hannah Lee 2 170x225 Hannah Lee
Canberra, Australia
matthew wilks 2 170x225 Matthew Wilks
Western Australia
sarah heywood 170x225 Sarah Heywood
Canberra, Australia
Simone Daniels 170x225 Simone Daniels
Cairns, Australia
Evelyn-Wills-170x225 Evelyn Wills
Wellington New Zealand
rei-chel-170x225 Rei-Chel Ong
Malaysia/New Zealand
alex-beamish-170x225 Alex Beamish
Gail Chen.225x170 Gail Chen
LevaLeja.170x225jpg Liva Leja
Riga, Latvia
Emmie Wenzell Emmie Wenzell
Ohio, USA
liz.wozniak.170x225 Elizabeth Wozniak
Kyle-Rothenberg-170x225 Kyle Rothenberg
Florida, USA
MaiaCarolsfeld.170x225 Maia Carolsfeld
Vancouver, Canada
Hallie.Novak.225x170 Hallie Novak
Evisa.usenko.225x170 Evisa Usenko
Riga, Latvia
Daniel Febrianto Daniel Febrianto
Anchal.Kannambadi.225x170 Anchal Kannambadi
james.lewis James Lewis
London, UK
Liana-Sun-170x225 Liana Sun
San Francisco, USA
Yorik-Thebaud-170x225 Yorik Thebaud
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Valerie-Fullins-170x225 Valerie Fullins
Florida, USA
Elliot-Macdonald-170x225 Elliot Macdonald
New Zealand
Yu-Chen-170x225 Yu Chen
Los Angeles, USA
Clara-Fung-170x225 Clara Fung
Hong Kong
Andrew.Lam.170x225 Andrew Lam
London, UK
Austin.Bliss.225x170 Austin Bliss
Missouri, USA
Antayra-Mares-170x225 Antayra Mares
Quan-Ming-Tan-170x225 Quan Ming Tan
Rebecca-Wirakesuma-170x225 Rebecca Wirakesuma
Tangerang, Indonesia
Alex-Pritchard-Jones-170x225 Alex Pritchard Jones
Oxford, UK
Sam-Picot-170x225 Sam Picot
Auckland, New Zealand
Jessica-Man-170x225 Jessica Man
London, UK
Ramzi-Sharif-170x225 Ramzi Sharif
Amman, Jordan
Yeemong-To-170x225 Yeemong To
Eastbourne, UK
Monica-LeBaron-170x225 Monica LeBaron
Alan-Chen-170x225 Alan Chen
Alabama, USA
Samantha-Connell-170x225 Samantha Connell
Perth, Australia
Mike-Antoniuk-170x225 Mike Antoniuk
Alberta, Canada
Mara-Kristula-Green-170x225 Mara Kristula-Green
New York City, USA
Sumo-Cabalu-170x225 Sumo Cabalu
The Philippines
Paola-Garcia-Villar-170x225 Paola Garcia Villar
Guadalajara, Mexico
Renyi-Ng-170x225 Renyi Ng
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Chris-Ip-170x225 Chris Ip
Hong Kong & UK
Abigail-Ko-170x225 Abigail Ko
Manila, The Philippines
Matthew-McDonald-170x225 Matthew McDonald
Tennessee, USA
Michelle-Chee-170x225 Michelle Chee
Brisbane, Australia
Noah-Meyerson-170x225 Noah Meyerson
San Diego, USA
Denise-Tam-170x225 Denise Tam
Toronto, Canada
Evelien-van-der-Veer-170x225 Evelien Van der Veer
The Netherlands
Liang-Chen-170x225 Liang Chen
Seattle, USA
Vita-Wiredja-170x225 Vita Wiredja
West Java, Indonesia
Nadya-Arafah-170x225 Nadya Arafah
Jessica-Martin-170x225 Jessica Martin
London, United Kingdom
Jessica-Pedraza-170x225b Jessica Pedraza
Miami, USA
Whitney-Wu-170x225 Whitney Wu
Seattle, USA
Megha-Bavaria-170x225 Megha Bavaria
London, UK
Manuel-Aguilar-170x225 Manuel Aguilar
San Salvador, El Salvador
Matt-Ge-170x225 Matt Ge
Pennsylvania, USA
Kelli-Kinneberg-170x225 Kelli Kinneberg
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Patrick-Epstein-170x225 Patrick Epstein
Zurich, Switzerland
Karl-Hoffman-170x225 Karl Hoffman
Colorado, USA
Tanya-Scholz-170x225 Tanya Scholz
Hong Kong & Germany
Dwayne-Hannam-170x225 Dwayne Hannam
Kingston, Jamaica
Chris Ip
Hong Kong
Zane Tackett
Colorado, USA

Chris Ip
Hong Kong & UK
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