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    So, banking in China… It might not seem the most interesting of topics, but its something every foreign student / expat in China needs to know.
    After speaking with a lot of my fellow同学 (tóng xué men – class mates) about how they access and save their hard earned Chinese RMB, I was surprised to hear just how many of them didn’t hold bank accounts in China. Now, as a resident in China now for over 20 months, I found this very interesting, as I genuinely couldn’t imagine my life without my trusty Chinese bankcard. The general consensus amongst those without Chinese bank accounts was that they thought they ‘didn’t need it’ or thought that it was too much of a ‘hassle’ to get one. While the latter might be true at times, I genuinely feel the benefits far outweigh the negatives. To demonstrate this, I figured I’d tap out a handy blog for anyone thinking of coming to China and worrying about how they would cope financially.
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    We planned our trip only a few days before departure. Maybe “plan” isn’t even the right word. But rather, we purchased our train tickets. There wasn’t much availability, so our only choice for the Beijing — Xi’an leg was to take “hard seats.” This is a nearly 13 hour overnight journey. At the time of purchase I thought things like “this will be a good experience,” “it can’t be worse than a 13 hour flight,” and “I’m saving so much money.” But after being told that these seats were “not as comfortable as airplane economy seats,” I started to worry. But then I was reminded that it could have been worse. A recently arrived CSA student, called Ayden, decided to join us for the trip. By this point all of the “hard seats” were fully booked. Ayden was sold a “standing room only” ticket for the 13 hours. When I first heard this I thought it was a joke, but sadly for Ayden it was not. So we had three seats, four people, and 13 hours to figure out how to get comfortable. I went into the train station with a genuinely optimistic mentality. 
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