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    It’s been a little while since I last wrote a blog, so I thought what better way to end ‘the blog drought’ than by writing about my recent CSA trip to Harbin in North-East China.
    For those of you who are perhaps unfamiliar with Harbin, it’s a small city of ten million people (this is small by Chinese standards), which lies in Manchuria – North East China. This part of China is renowned for its warm summers but bitterly cold winters with temperatures plummeting to about -20ºC daytime average and approximately -30ºC nighttime average. When you couple a bitterly cold winter with hundreds of Chinese army soldiers with not a lot to do, you get the perfect recipe for one of the most spectacular festivals you can ever experience -  the Harbin Ice Festival. What started in the 1980’s as the army building a few ice and snow sculptures for the public to marvel at, has turned into a full-blown international spectacle where Harbin can celebrate its international heritage via a display of some of the worlds most majestic ice sculptures and snow exhibits.
  • blogger-logo-300x257Getting prepped and ready for your big adventure studying Chinese in China? Here's our best round up of online resources that will help you learn more about the country you'll soon be calling home.

    If you're addicted to your laptops and smart phone like we are, these different social media accounts and blogs will serve you well. Read up on China and then get your big butt over here!

  • fast foodComing to China can be a little bit daunting but also exciting as you travel in to the unknown. Most people do a bit of research before they take their flight to prepare themselves for what to expect. We have learned that China is nothing like what people expect! Read about what I learned after my arrrival and a few things I wish I knew before I studied abroad in China!. Be sure to read part oneof my two-part reflection!





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    The votes have been tallied. The experts have weighed in. The world has paused, reviewed the top-dog cities in this crazy country of China, and awarded me the prestige of bringing the outcome of their discussion to the masses.

    Beijing is the better Chinese city.

    NOW - before you scroll like mad to the bottom of this article to give me an earful in the comments, you need to hear me out. For Chinese language learners, there is no better city in China for studying abroad than Beijing. No, we aren't saying it is better for travelers, businessmen, or tourists per say, but for students wanting to study Chinese in China,you can't find a better city.

    Still not convinced? Read on to discover the ways living in Beijing will positively impact your Chinese language skills!

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    For those of you who pay keen attention to CSA on social media, you might have noticed a slight surge in marketing for our Xian trip in recent weeks. Well, I’m very glad to report a successfully delivered trip to the city, which first ignited my passion for ‘all things China’. For those of you who didn’t go however, all is not lost, for we have a wealth of

     to show as well as a timely write-up provided by my good self.

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