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What to expect

Homestay is not for everyone.  Basic consideration is needed when living in another person’s home. Try and avoid having too many late nights, always being polite and respectful, even when China could be getting you down!

China began opening its doors to foreigners approximately 15 years ago (as a result the large proportion of the older generation do not speak anything beyond very basic English). Bridging that language gap will be the first challenge of any student in a family homestay, but this in itself can be a fulfilling and invaluable exercise when trying to truly learn and master the language. The idea of foreigners relocating to China to learn Chinese is still a relatively new concept for many local Chinese, and most take great pride in the fact that foreigners are willing to make such an effort. As a result, most people are always more than willing to help students with any questions and problems they have with their studies.

Host Mom

Adjusting to your new family

We have been running homestay programs for many years now and have seen some incredible results. Many students have commented on how welcoming and helpful their host families are, and many have kept in touch with their families after returning home and even come back to stay with the same families the following year! In an unusual circumstance that a student didn’t get along with their host family, we would make the necessary arrangements to find another family as soon as possible.

Benefits of a Homestay

The more a student makes an effort with their family, the more they will get out of it. The emphasis, as is often the case with learning a language, is heavily dependent on the student. If the student doesn’t want to chat and hang out with the family they won’t get as much out of it as a student who spends an hour each night chatting away and practicing their spoken Mandarin.

Included: Private bedroom, necessary utilities and some meals are included, but it depends on the family schedule and cannot be guaranteed. All families have standard amenities including a bathroom (often private), kitchen, dining area, TV, DVD, internet, telephone etc.

*Due to the high demand in accommodation, late payment may affect your preferred accommodation choice.

CSA Tip! If you're on a bit of a budget, also check out dorm accomodations here. 
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