Homestay Overview

Why Homestay in China?

One time Placement Fee: US$750
Monthly Rent:                    US$00.00

1. It's cheap


You don't need to pay rent, just a one-time placement fee, and stay anywhere from 4 weeks all the way up to one semester.

          BUT, more importantly...

2. It will improve your Chinese

Living with a Chinese family is the best way to maximize your Mandarin-learning efforts while in China. The opportunity to communicate with a local family will exponentially increase your language learning rate, while also giving you a wider understanding of the Chinese culture and way of life. 

CSA_Homestay_Marco__Anne.png3. It's comfortable

All CSA homestay families are middle to upper-middle class and have been interviewed for suitability. Participants have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and comfort of their host family's homes. Moreover, many families are eager to show foreigners around China. Students are often lucky enough to be taken on free sightseeing trips and even inherit a “China mom” during their stay! 

4. It's friendly and immersive

What better way for a student to fully immerse themselves in Chinese culture and language than living with a local Chinese family during their stay? Everything a student learns in class each day can be practiced in the evening over supper. It is similar to a least one extra hour of conversational practice per day.

The families are interested in learning more about western culture. They are inviting you into their homes to try and understand your culture and language, and to give their children more exposure to a foreigners' way of life. While you are learning about Chinese lifestyle and culture from them, they will being doing the same from you. As part of the experience, it is expected that you spend an hour a day with their child, playing games or helping with English homework.

One time placement Fee of US$750, including airport pickup. Bookings for up to 6 months.

When you are ready to book, please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For 1 semester at BLCU + Homestay the total price will be US$3200! Click here for more details.

CSA Tip!
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