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  • Overview

Why study in Haikou? Study Chinese in Haikou if you are looking for: 

  • Great weather all year round
  • Beaches and interest in tourism/hospitality industry
  • An immersive Chinese learning environment
  • A more laid-back slower pace of life
  Haikou is the capital of Hainan Province, an island off southern China known as “Chinese Hawaii”. Haikou itself is affectionately known as the Coconut City. It is domestic tourism hub and largest special economic zone in China. There is a push to make it an international tourism hotspot in the near future. Haikou has a tropical marine climate with an annual average temperature of 23.8. There is a long summer, no winter and a pleasant climate. As the saying goes, “Haikou has a vast and endless blue sea, and it is always springtime!”. 
It also ranks among the best cities in China in air and water quality as well as ecology. 42% of the city's surface is green, and the proliferation of beautiful parks and green spaces throughout the city provides a welcome refuge from the busy city streets. 

Our two cents...

If you are expecting something similar to Honolulu, you might want to adjust your expectations, but Haikou has some of the cleanest air in China and a wonderful climate. As with most cities in China, things are moving fast. Hainan Island is getting a lot of government attention as a Special Economic Zone and they are experimenting with more relaxed international standards (such as a more open internet). 


Much like the other second-tier cities, we offer, studying in Haikou will present a more immersive experience than the bigger cities. There will be a slower pace than Beijing and Shanghai, and fewer foreigners. 

Haikou is the city of choice for those who would like to experience China away from the big cities in temperate surroundings, near the beaches with fresh air.


The legend of Haikou

The east and west lakes of Haikou used to be surrounded by many mysterious deep ponds covered in mist where five young dragons lived. After thousands of years of immortality, they began to feel constrained by the ponds. One day, the water surged up and the five huge dragons rose into the sky by riding on the clouds. They looked down to search for a better place and found the four vast seas in the east, west, south and north as well as rolling waves in the Yangtze River and Yellow River. So the five dragons parted ways, with four of them going to the four seas and the last one going into the Yangtze and Yellow rivers. The deep pond was then called Haikou, literally meaning "sea mouth". Today, the sand and soil carried by Nandu River flowing down from the Wuzhi Mountain and other rivers and streams have already filled up the deep ponds, leaving behind only the east and west lakes near the old town. As the place where rivers and streams met before they joined the sea, Haikou was regarded by ancient people as being blessed by Heaven.

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Quick CSA Fact Haikou has a very comfortable climate ranging from 15 - 25ºC all year round.

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