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Why come to study in Tianjin?

Tianjin Italian Quarter

History and Culture

As the port located closest to Beijing, Tianjin was once a prize for many foreign colonial powers. Between 1903 and 1917 an array of countries owned different parts of the city; including Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Germany and Japan. While Tianjin is no longer a colony and these countries have long since departed, there is still an abundance of evidence of their time in this city. This is mainly found in the incredible architecture scattered throughout the city creating an enchanting and beautiful city. 

This unique city is a prime example of where East meets West, encompassing various different cultures in to one area. Walking through the streets of Tianjin will bring you from China to Europe in a matter of steps. During the time of colonisation, each country was given land to create what they wished with it. The Itialians and French used this as an opportunity to create 'a home away from home' which can still be seen in the French and Italian Quaters of the city. Combined with the Chinese architecture, this city offers a unique feel and atmosphere to those who are visiting and living there. While all of the original Chinese charm remains, there is also a hometown feel for visitors to this ancient city.


An amazing place to experience various cultures all in one city

Tianjin is located only a short 20 minute bullet train ride for the capital Beijing. It therefore allows students to experience Chinese culture in a second tier city while also having access to the major attractions of Beijing. Beijing offers a variety of cultural and modern attractions which mirror some aspects of Tianjin, but it also shows a major contrast in the booming economy and ever expanding modern aspects of the city.

Benefits to Studying Mandarin in Tianjin

Tianjin is a home away from home and is a great choice for students who would like to experience China while also being able to have access to some of their home comforts at the same time. With a small international community it is a great location for students who are looking for an intensive and immersive language program. It's location allows for students to experience life in a 2nd Tier City and also have the opportunity to spend time in the larger capital city of Beijing. 

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Our two cents...

One of the favorite weekend destinations for the CSA Beijing staff, Tianjin is a mere 20 minute high speed train from the capital. Tianjin is the perfect place for those wanting a immersive experience in China offered by most second tier cities, but still like the idea of being able to escape for a day trip or weekend to Beijing.

Like many of the coastal cities in China, the extensive colonial architecture gives it a comforting and cozy feel. Being smaller than Beijing and Shanghai, the local population are incredibly friendly, polite and can be more receptive to foreigners looking to practice their Mandarin than in Beijing or Shanghai.

Tianjin is perfect for you if you are looking for:

  • A more immersive experience than Beijing or Shanghai
  • A second tier city that is a stones throw from Beijing
  • A hometown feel to your stay in China
  • A beautiful coastal city of historical significance


Quick CSA fact Tianjin was the birthplace of famous British Olympian Eric Liddell who you may remember was a prominant character in the 1981 classic Chariots of Fire.

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Tianjin at a glance:


天津 Tianjin 




Located on the North East China Plain, Tianjin is surrounded by Hebei Province to the North, West and South. Tianjin is South East of Beijing


82,300 sq km (31,776 sq mi)


12 million


1.12 trillion yuan (USD$182 billion)


-4°C (25°F) to 26°C (79°F)

Local Dialect

 Mandarin Chinese (汉语 Hànyǔ)

Places of Interest

Hai River, Tianjin Eye, Tianjin Waterpark, Tianjin Museum, Temple of Dule


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