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Why come to study in Xi'an?

Learn Chinese in China and visit the Terracotta warriors, Xi'an Often considered the cradle of Chinese civilization, Xi'an is one of the oldest and most influential cities in China's grand history. During its 3100-year past Xi'an has been the capital of thirteen dynasties and was the Eastern terminus of the great Silk Road, and therefore the earliest link between China and the West. Xi'an was the economic, political and cultural center of China during the formative and influential Qin, Han and Tang dynasties, and has served as a focal point for the development of both Buddhism and Daoism in China. It is no surprise that Xi'an is home to numerous historical sites and countless cultural and religious artifacts.

One cannot mention Xi'an without making note of the legendary Terracotta Warriors, an army of 6000 life-size clay warriors standing watch over the mausoleum of the first emperor of China. Other must-sees include the immense Ming Dynasty city walls, the most intact city walls in the world measuring up to 18 meters thick in some places, the Great Mosque, one of the largest in China, incorporating a fascinating blend of Chinese and Muslim influences, and the Muslim Quarter, home to the city's Muslim minority (the Hui) where one can find numerous smaller mosques and even an Islamic food market.

Often considered the cradle of Chinese civilization, Xi'an is one of the oldest and most influential cities in China's grand history.

With no scarcity of fascinating places to visit, Xi'an also has an almost overwhelming collection of royal palaces, national parks, museums, temples and shrines. Six of the eight Buddhist Founders' Temples can be found in there and Huashan, one of the five sacred mountains in Taoism, is located just south of the city in the Qinling mountains.

Fast forward to the 21st century, where Xi'an has resurfaced as a cultural, industrial and technological hub laying claim to a flourishing software industry, a growing community of cutting-edge artists, musicians and architects, a plethora of shopping malls and the world's largest internet bar with more than 3000 computers.

The city is also the birthplace of Qinqiang, the oldest form of Chinese drama which has influenced many other styles including Peking Opera. Xi'an has also emerged as a focal point for various new art forms. The Chang'an School, a modern school of Chinese traditional arts, finds its home here, as does the contemporary art factory Spinning Town. Known also for its underground music scene, Xi'an is famous for spinning out rock stars.

As a city steeped in a rich historical legacy and simultaneously making its footprint in a modern context, Xi'an may appeal to both the history buff and the techie, the scholar and the tourist, the artist and the business person. Regardless of where your interests lie, Xi'an is sure to have something of what you are looking for.

Our two cents...

Xi'anXi’an is often referred to as the historical center of China. Living there, you really get a sense of where China has come from - and its rich culture and history. Xi'an is home to the world-famous Terracotta army and also boasts the last remaining intact city wall in China. Be sure to rent a bicycle to ride along the wall and take in the wonderful surrounding scenery.

Xi’an is also very diverse, housing a thriving Muslim quarter alongside traditional Chinese elements, and even some of China’s finest night-clubs. Xi’an is representative of grassroots China and remnants of the Emperors and soldiers that once resided here are still apparent today. The locals are big, almost warrior-like, in stature and, in an endearing way, Xi’an is far less refined (when compared to western standards) than other Chinese cities.

Xi’an has a unique and charming feel. Whilst it has inevitably modernized and westernized to some degree like the rest of China, there is an overwhelming sense that the city is still predominantly an 'old' Chinese city that to this day draws upon the thousands of years of history it is so proud of.

Xi’an is perfect for you if you are looking for:

  • An authentic grassroots China experience
  • A city bathed in culture and history, indicative of where China came from
  • A city with a plethora of cultural and historical sites in the immediate vicinity
  • Some of China’s top academic institutions


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Xi'an at a glance:


西安 Xī'ān, meaning “Western Peace”


Provincial Capital, Shaanxi province


Capital of Shaanxi province, a landlocked province in central China, surrounded by 7 other provinces


10,000 sq km (3,900 sq mi) (including surrounding rural areas – 830 sq km (320 sq mi) urban)


8 million


US$40 billion


-5°C (23°F) to 35°C (95°F)

Local Dialect

Shanxi Dialect (陕西话 Shǎnxī huà)

Places of Interest

Terracotta Army, Muslim Quarter, City Walls, Huaqing Hotsprings, Mount Hua

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