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As China is developing and more and more students are interested in coming to China, the levels of support required by students is changing.  We understand that sometimes it can be more difficult and stressful than expected when trying to relocate to China; however, we also understand that sometimes students don't require the full package support provided by CSA. For those students who prefer just a bit of assistance with a particular aspect of their program, we also want to make sure you have the backup needed – regardless of where you may need the support. Enter... CSA's living in China support packages (to the rescue!).

If you opt to forego our full package assistance for studying Chinese in China (you study abroad rockstar, you!), you can also select our services à la carte. There are 3 different options to choose from:

  • Setup Assistance - Ease into the transition of moving to China with this support package.
  • Application Assistance - Let us help you complete and turn in your Chinese university application!
  • Property Management Assistance - Because actually living and renting in China can be a handful.

Follow the tabs above to learn more!

If you are only interested in getting a little help finding housing, then check out our Housing Help Package here.

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Moving to China Package

What is more fun than getting off a plane in a new country and trying to figure out how to get to your dorms or apartment? Not many things, but if that sounds like an added stress to studying abroad, this is the package for you. With CSA's airport pick up and transfer package, you'll be able to land in China and get where you need to be (without all the head aches of figuring out public transit systems or risks of getting ripped off by your taxi driver!). We'll also show you around, introduce you to other CSA students and be available for your whole stay in case you run into any problems - it is like an insurance policy, we're there if you need us!  

For those arriving in Beijing and looking for a little help in navigating your first trip into the city, you're in luck. If you are not confident in your Chinese skills, communicating something as simple as where you'd like to go with your cabbie can be a monstrous task.

Let CSA do the dirty work for you, and help make your first moments in this fascinating country special, not stressful.

What services are included?

CSA wants to ensure the transition to life abroad is a smooth one - this program includes...

  • Airport Pick-up
  • CSA Welcome pack
  • Local area orientation
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Registration assistance when you arrive (only offered for CSA listed universities)
  • Receive CSA emails for get-togethers and optional activities
  • 24-hour on the ground support while you are in China, including medical assistance. More Information ►

What's NOT included?

If any of these additional services listed below sound appealing to you, you might consider our additional assistance packages or a full-support program while studying Chinese in China.

  • Assistance finding an apartment/room
  • Police registration
  • Your Chinese university application coordination

What is the cost of this assistance package?

Program cost varies based on the Chinese city you will be studying Mandarin. Details below.

Package Course Length Prices From
Beijing Set up Package Custom    $500 USD  ►
Shanghai Set up Package Custom    $500 USD  ►

More information

Ready to take that giant leap into the great unknown and move abroad to China? With the help of CSA, you'll be able to do it without missing a beat. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to get the ball rolling on your amazing experience living in China!

Apply Now Sign up today and let CSA worry about all the hard stuff!

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Chinese University Application Assistance Package

The CSA Chinese university application assistance package is designed for students who are looking for an independent experience in China, but would like a little help with the paperwork beforehand. We will assist with making your application to any university in Beijing, Shanghai, or other Chinese cities and advise on all queries before you get here.

The application you fill out for attending university in China is quite different than the format, style, or expectations of the kind of apps you are used to. Let CSA help coordinate your application to your Chinese university of choice, retrieve your application materials and acceptance letters, and coordinate safe mailing procedures from China direct to your doorstep. For a nominal fee, you can free yourself of the worry of "getting in" or not!

What services are included?

We're glad you asked! Students who sign up for this package can expect...

  • Pre-departure assistance
  • Chinese University Application Submission
  • Document Retrieval from University
  • Arrange Document Delivery, scanned or originals as needed
  • Assistance with Visa Application issues/questions
  • Receive CSA emails for get-togethers and optional activities

What is the cost of this assistance package?

A small price to pay for the seamless cordination of your admittance to a Chinese university.

Package Course Length Prices From
Application Assistance Custom    $150 USD  ►

More information

If you're ready to study Chinese in China but paperwork gives you a headache, this assistance package has your name on it. Let us help your life in China starts off on the right foot (and at the right university, no one likes to walk into a classroom they're not supposed to be in!). Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to sign up for our assistance package.

Apply Now Sign up today and let CSA worry about all the hard stuff!

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Living in China Package

Have you already organized your own housing, but are nervous about any issues that may come up? No problem, sign up for our Property Management Package and we'll throw in 24hour phone support for any housing issues you may encounter. We will assist with any problems as they arise and provide assistance to get the problem solved in the quickest and most effient way.

Trying to navigate rentals and tenancy in our home countries is hard enough as it is. Tack on a language you aren't fluent in, a foreign system, and different cultural expectations and you're in for a real headache (and the potential for being scammed). Instead of relying on some joe schmoe you found in the local classifieds, let CSA roll up their sleeves and get down to business. We'll help with your billing and setting up your utilities and communicate with your Chinese landlord on your behalf, leaving you with the task of simply moving in and turning your new house into a home.

What's more, our services don't just stop there - should any issues arise during your stay in China (think: late-night power outages or a broken refrigerator) we've got your back. We'll help you through the thick of it and coordinate with the local servicemen to ensure your needs are met. Let us help you make your life in China a little more easy.

What services are included?

With our property assistance package, you get a myriad of services, such as...

  • Phone support for your accommodation issues/questions
  • Any maintenance needed (cost covered by student)
  • Help with lost keys
  • Heating/air con issues
  • Help with paying bills
  • Setting up internet/wifi
  • Communication with landlords
  • Any other issues that may arise!

What's NOT included?

If you're keen to receive the services outlined below, consider signing up for a full service program, or pairing this assistance package with our Moving to China or Chinese University Application Help packages.

  • Assistance finding an apartment/room
  • Signing contracts
  • Negotiating rent
  • Negotiating agency fees
  • Police registration 

How much does the property management package cost?

This package varies based on your location in China, as well as the length of time you'll be living in China. More details below.

Package Course Length Prices From
Beijing Property Management Package One Year    $400 USD  ►
Beijing Property Management Package One Semester    $200 USD  ►
Beijing Property Management Package Less than 5 months    $150 USD  ►
Shanghai Property Management Package One Year    $400 USD  ►
Shanghai Property Management Package One Semester    $200 USD  ►
Shanghai Property Management Package Less than 5 months    $150 USD  ►

More information

Renting in China can be a difficult process for even the most advanced Chinese-foreign language speaker; the intricacies of the system are even more difficult to explain to outsiders. CSA's collective experiences living in China have us prepped and ready to tackle the real-estate scene head on in your behalf. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up for this assistance package today!

Apply Now Sign up today and let CSA worry about all the hard stuff!

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