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The Education 

UIBE Campus

We've partnered up with one of the leading universities in China - University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). The university will act as the foundation for the China Study Abroad Program. The program participants will be attending a semester of Mandarin language study as well as attending one elective class taught in English related to Chinese Business & Cultural Studies. Both courses are valid for university credits outside of China.




 The Double Dorms 


Our students will be housed in double dormitories on campus in the International dorm buildings. The dorms are clean, comfortable and convenient. Rooms come ensuite, and every person has a single bed, desk, chair and cupboard. You can read more about the dorms in our housing section here. If the double dorms aren't for you, we offer housing upgrades to single dorms, apartments or homestay. You can check out those options on our Extras page.




The Internship


Internship Group 350px

Tapping into the massive potential of China’s growing economic market is a top priority for many of our students. While studying abroad and learning Mandarin is an important first step, our ambitious students are looking to make headway into a career. Moreover, many organizations based in China are searching for the next wave of bright recruits. To that end, China Study Abroad offers our internship placement program, which acts as a bridge between these two parties.


In today’s globalized economy, familiarity with Chinese culture and language is more important than ever. Constructive work experience on the ground in China will be an invaluable asset to your future career. Working in a Chinese environment will give you an opportunity to practice your Chinese skills in a professional setting as well as gaining a unique set of skills by learning business practices and culture in China.

Internship A 350pxHow it works:


We’ll give you a few weeks to settle into your language program and figure out your workload. The week before the placements begin, you will take part in an Internship Orientation with our partners CRCC Asia. This will be a short briefing on the internship you’ve chosen, as well as outlining how to get the most out of your placement.  Your internship placement will take place 3-5 days a week for 3 months. Your last few weeks will be spent back on full time study to make sure you are ready for your exams at the end of the semester.

The internship positions are unpaid, but companies often choose to provide a stipend. This is between the company and the intern! Transport to and from the internship is not included in the fee.

The Volunteering


Chantelle on her Volunteer Weekend

As a volunteer in China, you will not only make a difference in a rapidly-changing country, but also experience an incredibly rich and exciting culture. As the world’s most populous nation, China offers great diversity and an opportunity to meet incredible people and learn about an ancient, yet modernizing culture. From fast-paced cities like Beijing, to rural mountain towns, your China volunteer experience will no doubt fill you with wonder.

Each month, you will join other international and Chinese students from Tsinghua University’s department of Poverty Alleviation through Education on a weekend trip to different schools in rural China to aid with volunteer work and provide extra hands for ongoing projects. It will give you a unique opportunity to visit smaller towns outside of Beijing, which not many people get to see. While the volunteering can be a bit challenging (although always fun!), remember it is a meaningful way to make a difference, as well as boost your résumé, increase your self awareness, and re-assess your future goals and aspirations.

Austin Volunteer Program CSAHow it works:

CSA encourages our students to get familiar with their language program before taking on the responsibilities of the volunteer program. The first two weeks in Beijing will give you a chance to become familiar with your surroundings and your study commitments. Once you have settled in and have a rhythm for your academic schedule, CSA will brief you on your placement, the experience and what is expected from you as a volunteer.

Each volunteering experience is unique. Before your weekend away, you will be provided with a brief introduction to the history and background of your placement location. Getting to know the context of your volunteer work will enable you to maximize your impact as a volunteer. The weekends to rural Chinese towns involve an overnight train with other Chinese and international students. CSA will help you prepare for the weekend in advance and let you know what is expected for each weekend away. Typically this will involve preparing a basic introduction in Chinese and question and answer sessions with the students, most of whom will never have seen or certainly met a foreigner before.

The TravelingGoPROGreatWall

You've made the decision and effort to come out to China to study, now lets make sure you don't waste the opportunity while you are here! What better way to add to your China experience than to try and see as much of the country as possible.

This is why we've teamed up with the leading backpacking adventure tour company in China to provide the best and most affordable trips around the country for you. The Dragon Trip supplies tours to STA Travel,  Real Gap,  GAP 360,  Asia Venture,  TUI PLC and CRCC Asia. 


You can choose to start and finish in either Beijing or Shanghai and each trip lasts 18 days. It is perfect to slap on the end of your study period as a nice break before heading home. Or do it before you start your program to get a real feel for the country and give you extra motivation for studying.    


Bike Ride in Yangshuo Camping on the Great Wall Be in a Kungfu Show

What will I see?


This jam-packed tour takes you camping on the Great Wall, bamboo rafting in Yangshuo, and biking on Xi´an´s ancient city walls. Also, visit adorable pandas in Chengdu, see the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, and learn some sick Kungfu moves from Shaolin Monastery! Foodies will get to enjoy mouthwatering Sichuan hotpot, farm-fresh meals, and even scorpions and snakes! Check out the tabs above for the detailed itineraries!    

The Career Preparation/Job Hunt

This package is put together to give you a boost when it comes to searching for a job and starting your career. We’ve teamed up with a few other experts in their fields to provide some assistance and resources towards your job search, whether that is in China or back home. 

What’s Included:


►  90 Minute Linkedin Workshop that guarantees an optimised profile & a crystal-clear view of how to benefit from the world's greatest professional network

►  Free CV Template

►  Career advice packet for jobseekers looking for more in-depth info on the job hunt in China

►  Business Cards (set of 200)

►  Weekly updates on the latest job listings and articles

►  China relevant tips on networking and contacting employers

 Guaranteed English teaching placement post semester 

The Service Click here to read about everything we included to makes this the best program in town!

Great Wall Panoramic

CSA Tip! If you are only interested in some of the options above, don't panic, click here to check out our program planner and pick and choose the services you want. Or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Skype us at office-chinastudyabroad. 

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