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The CSA Program Extras
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  • The Extras

Although we've packed quite a lot into this program already, here are a few additional services that you can add on to your program:

Housing Upgrades

As part of our standard program, in order to keep the costs down for everyone, we’ve opted to use shared dorms on campus. However, we understand that this might not be the right fit for everyone, so here are some alternative options:

Single Dorm: This is fairly self explanatory. Similar to the shared ones, but just your own space and own bathroom! 

Homestay: CSA Homestay Marco AnneThis is not for the faint hearted but is highly recommended for students who want to improve their spoken and listening skills as quickly as possible. Though the commute to class will be a bit longer than for students living on campus, students who stay with a family are immediately immersed in the language and culture of China. The opportunity to communicate with a local family will exponentially increase one’s language learning rate, while also giving you a wider understanding of the Chinese culture and way of life.

What better way for a student to fully immerse themselves in Chinese culture and language than living with a local Chinese family during their stay? Everything a student learns in class each day can be practiced in the evening over supper. It is equivalent to at least one extra hour of conversational practice per day.

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All CSA homestay families are middle to upper-middle class and have been interviewed for suitability. Distances from the university vary, but we try and keep commuting times to under 45 minutes. Past participants have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and comfort of their host family homes. Moreover, many families are eager to show foreigners around China. Students are often lucky enough to be taken on free sightseeing trips and even inherit a “China mom” during their stay!  

Click here to DOWNLOAD a copy of our Living in a Homestay Guide 


Single Apartment: These modern and spacious apartments all come fully furnished; each apartment has a living and dining area, bathroom and kitchen. The living area includes a lounge, dining area, TV, DVD player, desk, chairs, washing machine, high-speed internet access and telephone. The bedroom has a bed and storage area for clothes and personal belongings. The kitchen has a refrigerator, microwave and basic cooking utensils. Single apartments also include a weekly cleaning service and high-speed internet is included as well. Gas, water and electricity will be billed to the students every month.

1-on-1 Tutoring

tutoring edit1Maximize your time in China with a private tutor! China Study Abroad offers friendly, qualified Chinese tutors who work with you in 1-on-1 study sessions to enhance your learning experience as a perfect complement to your university language program.

CSA provides experienced and enthusiastic tutors who can help students of any level, from beginner to advanced. You can arrange to meet your tutor around your schedule, at a location that you choose! You can even decide what to work on, whether it be classwork or another topic.

Private tutors are especially useful for students looking to:

1) Go over materials learned in class
2) Help with daily homework 
3) Focus on a particular facet of Mandarin learning, be it day-to-day conversational Mandarin or newspaper reading/comprehension

We offer the tutoring packages in increments of 50 hours. If you are looking for more or less, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can help out with. 

The Cultural Tours

TheHutong TiananamenWe've teamed up with the experts over at The Hutong to offer access to their awesome and informative city tours and cooking courses. The Hutong offers exceptional cultural experiences for local residents and intellectually-curious travellers including hutong tours, walking tours, bicycle tours and cooking classes. Their experts blend careful historical research, storytelling, and humour as they share their knowledge. We chose The Hutong because they are the best in the business and we know they will offer our students valuable insights into Chinese history and culture.

You can pick and choose from a wide variety of tours and cooking classes. Check out their day trips here and their cooking classes here

Adventure Tours

We know coming to China is already pretty exciting, but how about adding that extra little adventure on top? Why wouldn't you want to camp on the Great Wall of China, or pop over and visit North Korea while you are here?

Great Wall Camping: GoPROGreatWall

Leave on Saturday afternoon in our chartered bus to a secluded section of the Great Wall outside Beijing where we will hike on the Great Wall, set up camp, barbecue during sunset, hang out around a campfire, sleep on the Great Wall under the stars, and wake up in the morning to zip open our tents and see an amazing sunrise. Follow all this up with a rustic breakfast in a small, local farm village before heading back to Beijing to conclude this true “off the beaten track” experience!

For the full itinerary check out their page here.

Japan Backpacking Trip:

Japan Backpacking Trip

This Japan tour covers not only the countless sights of Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and elsewhere, but also a very Japanese cultural experience. This is how you smash Japan on a budget!

Every day on our Japan backpacking trip you'll see a different side to this fascinating country. The daily contrast over 2 weeks makes travelling around Japan totally unique and, at the same time, extremely doable on a budget tour.

From hi-tech metropolises to unspoilt countryside; dinner served by robots to traditional tea ceremonies; crazy J-Pop culture to Geishas and sumo; ryokan bed and breakfasts to Tokyo sleeping capsules; Zen Buddhist temples to manga and anime studios... Japan is firmly back on Japan Backpacking Trip Sushithe backpacker bucket list and we’re here to help you tick it off in 2016 with the cheapest, most fun-filled, action-packed backpacking trip possible!

Among other cultural gems, there's a karate lesson, calligraphy class, a visit to the sumo district, an anime masterclass, trips to local bath houses, exploration of beautiful countryside, endless shrines, temples and hiking trails. For the time and money, this is a budget Japan backpacker tour at its very best.

For the full itinerary see their page here. 


Come to China with peace of mind when you buy your travel insurance with China Study Abroad! CSA offers the option of comprehensive travel and medical insurance for the entire duration of your program, underwritten by Global Benefits Group, an international insurance company.

Foreign students coming to China are required to be insured for the duration of their stay in China. If you are already covered by an existing policy, please send us a copy of your insurance certificate. Otherwise, why not buy your insurance with CSA and save yourself the hassle? Click here for more details.

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