北京语言大学 Běijīng yǔyán dàxué, also known colloquially as 北语 Běiyǔ.

BLCU was founded nearly 50 years ago, in 1962, as a center specially designed for teaching Chinese language and culture to foreign students. It is the only international university of its kind in China, and is the largest center for Mandarin Chinese study in the country. Since its inception, more than 100,000 students, representing over 176 nations, have come to Beijing to enroll in its top-notch Chinese language programs.

The university's impressive accolades don't end there. Beyond being well-respected as a Chinese language teaching institution, it is likewise renowned as the premier university for providing training courses for teachers specializing in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. With that in mind, it's not outlandish to assume that no matter where you choose to study Chinese in China, it's more than likely your professor will be a graduate of BLCU themselves. This multicultural university environment likewise offers prominent undergraduate and postgraduate courses in foreign languages, humanities and social sciences to its Chinese students.

It's no wonder that BLCU is a top choice for international students wanting to study abroad in China.

Want an even deeper look? Watch our guided tour of BLCU below and find out more about what it is like to live and study in Beijing.

Tell me more!

BLCU is the largest Mandarin language learning center in China, with over 9,000 international students attending its courses annually. No matter where you come from in the world, at BLCU you are virtually guaranteed to "reunite" with someone from your home country (cue "It's a Small World" theme song). BLCU is a vibrant, cosmopolitan campus located in Wudaokou, the student-centric area of Beijing.

While the standard of teaching is equal to Peking or Tsinghua, the workload isn’t quite as intense, making this an ideal choice for students who are also interested in getting out and seeing more of the city. Many students opt to pair their BLCU Chinese language programs with an internship or volunteer program.

It's worth noting:

- Most BLCU dormitory accommodations have a 12am curfew. Please take this into account when selecting your housing. CSA is happy to take requests for specific dorm buildings, however, dorms are allocated by universities and we therefore cannot guarantee such requests.
- All students must be over 18 years old to attend. Students 15-18 may participate in 4-week summer programs in July and August.

What is included in your BLCU Chinese language program?

CSA's bottom line goal is to make sure your stay in China goes smoothly. We're there for you as much or as little as needed! As a CSA student, in addition to your course tuition, you'll also receive:

Course tuition fees
Pre-departure assistance
Airport Pick-up 
All textbooks (for students who choose a study option)
Assistance buying a local SIM card on arrival 
City and local area orientation (restaurants, supermarkets etc.)
Meet up with other CSA students
Registration assistance when you arrive
24-hour on the ground support while you are in China. More Information ►

What is the cost of this program, and when can I start?!

Whether you want to study in China for an academic year, a semester, over the wintertime or in summer 2016, there is a China Study Abroad program for you at BLCU. Be sure to follow the link below to find out more information on the BLCU Chinese language program that is right for you. We look forward to welcoming you to Beijing soon!

Cost varies. See our Dates and Fees page for more details

More Details

Whether you want to study in China for an academic year, a semester, over the wintertime or in summer, there is a China study abroad program for you at BLCU. Be sure to follow the links above to find out more information, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to welcoming you to Beijing soon!

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