Intensive Chinese Language Programs

Intensive Chinese Language Programs
To learn as much Chinese as possible while studying in China, try our local homestay 

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Program Snapshot

 4, 6, 8 or 12 Week Programs
► 3 hours of group class per day 
► 2 hours of 1-on-1 class per day
► Homestay Accommodation
► All inclusive starting at US$1,975
Please note, our short term intensive Chinese program is offered in Beijing only.

Whats this all about?

Maybe you've only got a few weeks holiday, but really want to do more with your time off than simply catching sunrays at the beach or visiting your favorite amusement park for the upteenth time. Maybe you've already started learning Chinese in your home country, but want to check out China and see if your tones are actually as good as you think they are. Maybe you've never traveled to China before and you're a bit nervous about committing to a long term program.

Whatever your reason, you don't have too much time to spare, but still want to pick up some highly marketable and pretty useful skills while you can. CSA's intensive Chinese language programs are designed for students just like you: those who only have a short time to study, but want to achieve the most from their experience.

Tell me more! 

Chinese courses in China don't have to take a significant chunk of time out of your lifestyle. Course start dates are flexible (our schedule accommodates YOURS!) while the course duration must be completed in week-long blocks. The program is broken down in to three parts, all of which will help you tap into your learning potential and enhance your opportunity to quickly master Chinese.

CSA reworked this program over many years until we found the perfect combination of activities and learning styles to benefit our students' ability to speak Chinese in the long run. Each element focuses on the different skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking from a different angle, giving students a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience in a short amount of time. Learn more below!

BMAShort Term Intensive Program

Course Application Due Start Date Prices From
12 Weeks Intensive 1 Week Before Classes Begin Every Week $5,250 USD  ►
8 Weeks Intensive 1 Week Before Classes Begin Every Week $3,500 USD  ►
6 Weeks Intensive 1 Week Before Classes Begin Every Week $2,965 USD  ►
4 Weeks Intensive 1 Week Before Classes Begin Every Week $1,975 USD  ►

Program includes:

  • Group Classes at Beijing Mandarin Academy
  • Local Homestay Accommodation
  • 10 Hours per Week Private Tutoring

What is studying at the Beijing Mandarin Academy like?

Students on CSA's intensive Chinese courses attend classes for 3 hours per day at BMA 5 days per week. Class sizes are comparatively smaller than our university courses - you know what that means - no goofing off! The smaller group study classes are ideal for students looking to pack a punch into their short term studies. The smaller class size allows more undivided attention from your educators, allowing you to cultivate meaningful relationships with your teachers and fellow classmates.

Classes will cover all aspects of Chinese language study, including writing, reading, speaking, and listening, as well as vocabulary and grammar. There is a stronger emphasis on conversational Chinese in the BMA course, meaning you'll be prepped and ready to take your language skills outside of the classroom and put them to work in the "real world!"

How does the private Chinese tutor work?

If we're talking about taking your language studies seriously, we're talking about supplementing your classroom studies with a private tutor. CSA's intensive Chinese language course pairs group study with individualized study with a Chinese tutor, allowing you to not only benefit from the friendly competition and comraderie of the classroom, but also tailor your Chinese studies to your specific learning style.

Our Chinese tutors have years of experience and training in teaching international students Chinese as a foreign language. This, coupled with their professionalism, flexibility, and uncanny ability to work with individual students' strengths and weaknesses to improve their Chinese language skills.

One on one tutoring gives you an accountable outlet for reviewing everything you learned in class, as well as double check your homework assignments, practice new vocabulary, or prepare for the next day's lessons (you go-getter, you!). Tutors are flexible to review that which the student finds most important. For instance, if you'd like to focus more on business Chinese, everyday survival Chinese, or other specialized areas, we can make it happen.

Be warned: they're pretty strict about your character stroke order, so no cheating!

What is living with a Chinese family like?

Homestay accommodation means that you will be living with a Chinese family for the duration of your stay - and yes, it IS as awesome as it sounds! Your breakfast and dinners during school days (Monday to Friday) are included in the cost and are yet another outlet for you to practice your Mandarin and deepen your understandings of Chinese culture. Many of our homestay families speak very little English, so for intensive, short term students - it reall is sink or swim!

Our homestay families have been working with CSA for a number of years and are extremely helpful and understanding for students who are learning the language. Past students rave that the relationships they developed with their homestay families were one of the most positive aspects of their overall experience in China.

The daily practices of local Chinese people are much more than what you see as an outsider. Get into the thick of it and take advantage of this unique window into the lives of authentic Beijingers. This element of our short-term Chinese program focuses intensely on speaking and listening skills. Find out more information about the homestays that we offer and what you can gain from each experience.

More program details

How many other folks can speak of that "one awesome time they signed up for a Chinese language course in China?!" Find out more information about this incredible opportunity to go from "good at Chinese" to "great at Chinese" by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!

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